5 Easy Weeknight Meals

Bored with your weeknight dinner rotation? Mix it up these 5 easy recipes to get you out of your supper slump and refresh your weeknight meal plan! Meal prep is even a breeze because these new favorites use ingredients that pull double-duty to save you time and reduce possible food waste.

Monday: Skillet White Chicken Lasagna

This Skillet White Chicken Lasagna will cure any case of the Mondays. Lemons for Lulu keeps it simple without skimping on any of the flavor — a rotisserie chicken cuts the prep time down to five minutes and the rich and creamy Greek yogurt sauce camouflages healthy veggies for even the pickiest of eaters.

skillet white chicken lasagna

Quick Tip: Be sure to keep your Greek yogurt for Wednesday’s recipe and go ahead and slice up extra mushrooms and onions, you’ll use them on Thursday!

Tuesday: Chipotle Lime Chicken Taco Bowl

Add a twist to Taco Tuesday and serve up this Chipotle Lime Taco Bowl from Spoonful of Flavor. Make the creamy mango sauce ahead and serve alongside the tender chipotle lime grilled chicken and other fresh flavors that will turn your weeknight into a DIY taco bowl fiesta!

chipotle lime taco bowl

Quick Tip: While you are already handling raw chicken, cut the chicken strips for Wednesday night’s meal. You can even get a head start by mixing up the yogurt sauce and letting it marinate overnight.

Wednesday: Honey Mustard Yogurt Chicken Skewers

Made with just four ingredients, you’ll spend more time eating Garnish with Lemon’s Honey Mustard Yogurt Skewers than you will prepping! The Honey Mustard Yogurt sauce even performs double-duty as a marinade and a dipping sauce — a convenience that will surely get you over the mid-week hump.

honey mustard chicken skewers

Quick Tip: When using leftover yogurt, be sure to stir in the liquid that may have settled on the top. The “water” is actually whey which contains essential nutrients like calcium and protein!

Thursday:  Smoked Swiss and Mushroom Grilled Cheese

Is grilled cheese already a weeknight staple? Upgrade your classic go-to with NeighborFood’s Smoked Swiss and Mushroom grilled cheese. Caramelized mushrooms and onions topped with smoky Swiss cheese quickly take this weeknight favorite to the next level.

smoked swiss and mushroom grilled cheese

Quick Tip: Rewrap your Swiss cheese in cheese paper. No cheese paper? No worries! Parchment or wax paper will work too. After it’s wrapped, place it in a Ziploc bag then store in your refrigerator until your next use. No plans in sight? You can freeze it for use in sauces or other prepared dishes.

Friday: Southwest Chicken Wrap

Wrap up your week with Garnish with Lemon’s Southwest Chicken Wrap. These zesty flavors will have you wanting to double the recipe for a quick and satisfying Saturday lunch — because let’s be honest, weekends are just as hectic.

southwest chicken wrap

Quick Tip: Avoid wasting ingredients and use up your black beans and shredded cheese on your wraps that might be left from Taco Tuesday!

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