About ADA Mideast

We proudly represent Ohio and West Virginia’s dairy farm families, who work hard to care for their cows and land so they can nourish our communities with fresh, safe and nutritious dairy foods.

We are passionate about all things dairy — from sharing our dairy farmers’ stories to supporting youth wellness to delivering science-based information to health professionals, school nutrition directors, educators, media and consumers. As an affiliate of the National Dairy Council, we are dedicated to fostering healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy planet now and for future generations.

The American Dairy Association Mideast is governed by a dairy farmer Board of Directors, and our staff includes registered dietitians, school wellness professionals and communications experts. Feel free to contact us!

Meet our Team

Scott Higgins
President & CEO
Jenny Crabtree
Senior Vice President, Communications
Vince Alger
Vice President, Finance
Karen Bakies, RD LD FAND
Vice President, Nutrition Affairs
Tracy Enslen
Vice President, Business Development
June Wedd
Vice President, School Wellness
Erin Brown
Communications Manager
Madelyn Topp
Communications Specialist
Jan Diamond
School Wellness Manager
Mitzi Gerber
School Wellness Manager
Sharon Maynard, RD LD FAND
Nutrition Affairs & School Wellness Manager
Jennifer Tagliarino
School Wellness Manager
Cheryl Neff
Office Administrator