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Dairy farmers share why they love caring for cows, working with family and producing delicious dairy foods.
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Does Farm Size Matter?

Dairy farmers explain that when it comes to producing high-quality milk, size just doesn’t matter. Big farm or small farm, all farmers work hard to provide the best care possible to their cows.

The McCartys & VanTilburgs

MVP Dairy is a US Dairy Sustainability Award Winner.

Falafel Bowls

Rice bowls topped with baked falafel, tomato cucumber salad, feta and creamy tahini yogurt dressing.

Cottage Cheese Toast

Savory toast featuring sliced avocado, fresh tomatoes, and hot honey.

National Dairy Month

Learn why National Dairy Month has been a tradition in the U.S. since 1937.

We’re the American Dairy Association Mideast

Your source for all things dairy from farm to fridge!

We work on behalf of Ohio and West Virginia dairy farmers to share their stories, bring you science-based information and feature delicious dairy recipes.


Feeding Kids

Dairy foods are important sources of high-quality nutrition that support growth and development.

Enjoy Dairy Foods With Confidence

Lactose-free and low-lactose choices still deliver on taste and nutrition.

Adopt a Cow Program

Teachers can sign up for this exciting year-long classroom experience – register by September 15th.

Food Waste

Some of the biggest sustainability solutions come from reducing food waste.
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