National Ice Cream Month!

This July, sprinkle some joy into your life with a scoop of everyone’s favorite dairy treat.

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What Do Cows Eat?

Dairy farmers and nutritionists work together to provide cows with a well-balanced diet.

Tomato Avocado Pasta Salad

Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella balls and chunks of avocado tossed in avocado basil dressing!

Meet the Ayars

Milk from some of the Ayars family’s cows is used to make ice cream.

Top Questions About Milk & Dairy Foods

Get the facts from a registered dietitian.

Strawberry Ice Cream

This simple ice cream is bursting with strawberry flavor!

We’re the American Dairy Association Mideast

Your source for all things dairy from farm to fridge!

We work on behalf of Ohio and West Virginia dairy farmers to share their stories, bring you science-based information and feature delicious dairy recipes.


Why Aren’t All Cows on Pasture?

Veterinarian Dr. Fred Gingrich explains why not all dairy cows are on pasture.

Dairy is Fresh & Local

Dairy can be found in all 50 states! Learn how to tell where the dairy in your fridge is from.

How Cows Beat the Heat

Some like it hot, but cows do not!

Squeeze & Freeze Ice Cream

Try this simple recipe to make homemade ice cream.
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