For Dairy Farmers

The American Dairy Association Mideast is the local dairy promotion checkoff program for dairy farmers in Ohio and West Virginia. We work on behalf of dairy farmers to increase sales and demand of U.S. dairy products and ingredients.

ADA Mideast is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of elected dairy farmers from throughout Ohio and West Virginia. The Board provides accountability to the dairy farmers they represent and sets policy, approves program direction, establishes budgets and hires the Chief Executive Officer. Greg Conrad, a dairy farmer from New Holland, Ohio, serves as Chair of the Board, and Scott Higgins serves as President and CEO.

How does the dairy checkoff work?

Dairy farmers across the country invest 15 cents for every 100 pounds of milk they sell to fund the national dairy checkoff program. ADA Mideast receives 10 cents of this mandatory funding for program implementation in Ohio and West Virginia. The remaining 5 cents goes to the National Dairy Board to fund national promotional, research and export programs.

Programs are developed in coordination with other state and regional promotion organizations through Dairy Management Inc., the joint venture between United Dairy Industry Association and National Dairy Promotion and Research Board. Such coordination of program development throughout the U.S. ensures the most effective and efficient use of the dairy farmers’ promotion investments.

How do dairy farmers order promotion materials?Enter the Catalog

ADA Mideast recognizes dairy farmers have a strong voice within their communities, and we are pleased to provide materials to assist with dairy and agricultural promotions in Ohio and West Virginia. Before placing an order, please read our promotion materials policy.

How do I learn more about the dairy checkoff?

Click on the documents below to learn about some of the ways the dairy checkoff works to build trust and drive sales on behalf of dairy farmers.



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