For Dairy Farmers

The American Dairy Association Mideast is proud to serve dairy farm families in Ohio and West Virginia. We are a state and regional dairy farmer-funded promotion organization that works under a federation with Dairy Management Inc. to grow sales, build trust and position dairy in a global food system.

How the Dairy Checkoff Works

Dairy farmers pay 15 cents and dairy importers pay 7.5 cents for every hundred pounds of milk they sell or import into a generic dairy product promotion fund – familiarly called the “dairy checkoff.”

That money – with USDA oversight – is used to fund programs aimed at promoting dairy consumption and protecting the positive image of dairy farmers, dairy foods and the dairy community.

Locally, ADA Mideast is governed by a Board of Directors who provide accountability to the dairy farmers they represent, set policy, approve program direction and establish budgets. Greg Conrad, a dairy farmer from New Holland, Ohio, serves as our chairman.

Want to Know More?

See the sidebar for information about how the dairy checkoff works to increase demand for dairy through research, education and innovation, and how we work to build confidence in dairy foods and farming.

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