Choose Milk – Chocolate and Strawberry, too!

All milk — white, chocolate or strawberry — has the same 13 essential nutrients. Flavored milk contributes very minimal sugar to children’s diets compared to other beverage choices, and it helps kids get nutrients they need but often lack.

Learn more from pediatrician Dr. Elizabeth Zmuda or browse the Dairy Nutrition FAQ about flavored milk.


  1. Hello!

    We are a group of 5th graders wondering where you got this information from. Please let us know your sources.


  2. Hello, we are another group of 5th graders researching the health effects of chocolate milk. We are also wondering where you got your sources. Our sources say that chocolate milk has the same amount of sugar as soda. Please let us know. Thank you!

    1. Great question! Flavored milk contributes only 4% of added sugars in the diets of children
      2-18 years, while soft drinks contribute 16%. Here are links to two resources with references for this information. I would also suggest looking at the USDA’s FoodData Central website where you can compare nutrient profiles of various foods and beverages. Hope this helps, and happy researching! – Erin Brown, Communications Manager for American dairy Association Mideast

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