Virtual Dairy Farm Tour

Join Ohio dairy farmer Tara Herron as she gives a virtual tour of her farm, Cold Run Jerseys and shares how her family cares for their 250 cows in Columbiana County.


  1. Loved seeing the farm and your tour especially since I’m Julia’s cousin Jean. The last time I was there was some 30 years ago so, of course, it’s changed a lot.

    1. We’re so glad that you enjoyed the video, Jean!
      -Tristen, ADA Mideast Communications Specialist

  2. Love Seeing how the Beautiful Cows are takeing care-of. Love the Pure Milk is Pure and Care is Done for Both US the Consumer and the Cows Too. Thanks Dairy Farm for the Cool Tour.

  3. Very interesting video. I’ve been to a couple of dairies. Yours by far looks like you care about the cows welfare and produce the utmost quality product.

  4. Wow! What a video tour. I felt I was there in person.
    I learned so much today.
    The cows are content because of the exceptional way they are raised and treated. I was amazed. You do a beautiful job running your dairy farm. Thank you so much for the video tour.
    Best wishes for your family and dairy farm.

  5. My daughter is planning to run for dairy princess

    She would like her skit to be on cow care

    Wondering if you have any good information on that that can help!

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