The Dairy Farmer’s Team

Dairy farms — whether large or small — make animal care a top priority. They have a team of specialists to help them provide cows with comfortable living conditions to a nutritious diet and good medical care. Read on to learn about these dedicated professionals.


Dairy farmers know a healthy cow is a happy cow! That’s why they work with veterinarians to provide their cows routine checkups, vaccinations and speedy treatment of illness. Farmers work with their veterinarian to provide medicines to cows when they are sick— just like you may work with your doctor. However, if a cow receives medicine, her milk is disposed of until the medication is fully out of her system and safe to re-enter the food supply.


Specially formulated diets help cows stay at the top of their game to produce a wholesome and nutritious product – milk. Professional animal nutritionists help dairy farmers develop a balanced and nutritious diet for their cows. They periodically visit the farm to assess the animals and make dietary adjustments for growth, development, milk production and health changes such as pregnancy.

Hoof Care Specialists

Did you know cows get pedicures? It’s true, and it’s not just for looks! Regular hoof care is essential for maintaining cow comfort and mobility. Hoof care specialists assess cows’ hooves and cater to their individual needs, ranging from preventive maintenance to corrective measures.  

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