Meet Keaton Topp

Keaton Topp, of Topp-View Farms in Botkins, Ohio, is the owner and operator of the event floral company Unique By Design. His studio has been offering custom floral designs to the greater Columbus and Dayton areas since 2019.

“When people find out that I live on a dairy farm, they’re usually very intrigued and they want to learn more about it. They especially find it different that I’m a dairy farmer and also in the flower business – it’s kind of like two different worlds,” he explains. “You see amazing things being created with flowers in large cities, but you don’t see that scale of things being created here in rural Ohio. After seeing this I decided I wanted to be involved and share the beauty of flowers with my rural area,” says Keaton. “A lot of people are astonished to learn that I grew up on a dairy farm and still creating large floral installations that mimic urban styles.”

Keaton Topp working on a flower arrangement

He credits his strong work ethic and the ability to juggle his business and other responsibilities to his upbringing on his family’s dairy farm. “I think that growing up on a dairy farm has taught me the importance and value of hard work. It really requires you to be dedicated and I think that’s helped me in my own business,” he says.

Keaton and his family care for about 50 dairy cows of varying breeds, and travel to many state and national dairy shows throughout the year. He says that with the support of his family, he is able to focus on his floral business, while helping out on the farm in his free time.


Hear Keaton Topp explain what sustainability means to him.

Like many people his age, Keaton cares about environmental sustainability as it pertains to his family’s dairy farm, as well as his own business. Growing up on a dairy farm has given him an even bigger appreciation of the importance of caring for the land that he lives and works on.

His agricultural background influenced his interest in floral design starting at a young age. “Ever since probably age 8, I had a garden and that was my favorite thing to do,” he says. “I would hurry and work hard to get chores done just so I could go out to my garden and mess around out there.”

Keaton’s business offers floral designs for a variety of events, including weddings, funerals and other special occasions. He participates in community-based experiential events and even offers custom container gardens and landscape design services.

“I spend a lot of time gardening and working with flowers. Flowers are kind of my passion, so although it’s work, it’s also my hobby,” says Keaton. “I guess when you love what you do, it’s not really work.”


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    We were at the 5 Vines Christmas Wreath 2 years ago. Really enjoyed it. I work at US Bank in Sidney and wanted to see if you could do an event for us here. please give me a call at 937 498 7164. thanks

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