Economic Impact of Ohio’s Dairy Community

Ohio’s dairy farmers do more than just produce milk — they create jobs, contribute to their communities and help drive Ohio’s economy. The total economic impact of dairy products produced and sold in Ohio is $23.8 billion.

Food and agriculture is the number one contributor to Ohio’s economy, and farming provides one out of every eight jobs in Ohio, according to the Ohio Livestock Coalition.

In Ohio, dairy farming families milk more than 252,000 dairy cows on about 1,700 dairy farms. As milk makes its journey from farm to table, it employs farm workers, trucker drivers, construction workers, factory workers, retailers and more.

Ohio’s dairy industry provides 115,512 jobs for Ohioans, based on a recent report by the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA). Nationally, says IDFA research, the dairy industry creates nearly 3 million U.S. jobs and has an overall economic impact of more than $619.6 billion.

Ohio exports $142 million in dairy products each year, generating $332 million in economic impact and creating 2,626 jobs that help lift the state’s economy.

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