Dairy Jobs

A lot of Americans are involved in producing milk and dairy foods! From farm to fridge, U.S. dairy provides more than 3.2 million jobs to workers across a variety of skill and education levels in rural, suburban and metropolitan areas.

Hourly and salaried jobs, requiring different skill and education levels, are available at farms, companies and organizations throughout the country.

Let’s explore some of the different career opportunities and job positions within the dairy industry.

I’m interested in:

Job options to consider include:
  • herdsman
  • farm manager
  • dairy cattle classifier
  • general labor
  • crop manager

Job options to consider include:
  • mechanic
  • equipment dealer
  • custom harvesting
  • milk hauler
  • transport driver

Job options to consider include:
  • veterinarian
  • veterinarian technician
  • hoof trimmer
  • pharmaceutical lab technician
  • pharmaceutical sales
  • research and design

Job options to consider include:
  • nutritionist
  • feed sales
  • cattle feeder
  • corporate restaurant menu developer
  • test kitchen researcher
  • culinary research technologist
  • sensory researcher
  • product research and development

Job options to consider include:
  • food inspector
  • milk inspector
  • lab technician
  • quality control manager
  • biomedical research technologist
  • laboratory researcher
  • food safety technologist

Job options to consider include:
  • sire analyst
  • mating specialist
  • a.i. technician
  • embryologist
  • geneticist
  • reproductive psychologist

Jobs to consider include:
  • dairy extension specialist
  • dairy checkoff
  • journalist for dairy publications
  • breed association representative
  • dairy welfare and sustainability manager
  • brand development
  • brand communications director

Job options to consider include:
  • pharmaceutical sales
  • feed sales
  • route sales representative
  • brand sales
  • product research and development
  • product manufacturing
  • customer service and merchandiser