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Easy Cheese Quesadillas

What’s not to love about a perfectly crisp, cheese-filled quesadilla? There’s something awesome about a meal that you can pull together with just cheese, tortillas and a handful of random leftovers or other ingredients from the refrigerator.

I adore quesadillas for their ability to transform leftovers into something that I crave. While my youngest prefers his made simply with cheese, the rest of us choose our favorite fillings and fill them however we like best.

Making the quesadillas with a single folded tortilla is much easier than with two stacked tortillas. Place the buttered tortilla butter side down in the pan, top one half of the tortilla with cheese, and fold it over on itself.

When it’s time to flip it, slide your spatula under the open side and flip the quesadilla so that the crease stays against the pan, preventing any foods from spilling out.


When making quesadillas for a crowd, I recommend using an electric griddle. Set the griddle to medium high heat and grease the griddle with 1 tablespoon of butter. Place 3-4 tortillas on the griddle (leaving half of each tortilla off the side). Fill the side of the tortilla that is on the griddle, fold, and follow the above directions for cooking. You should be able to cook 3-4 quesadillas at a time and it will streamline the process.

Here are some of my favorite quesadilla combinations:

  • Pulled pork, onions, and mozzarella cheese
  • Chopped chicken, peppers, and pepper jack cheese
  • Chopped baby spinach, thin mushrooms, chopped chicken, fontina
  • Thinly sliced apple, fontina, and cheddar cheese
  • Roasted broccoli and cheddar cheese
  • Thin sliced mushrooms, zucchini, and Monterey jack cheese
  • Scrambled eggs, crumbled bacon or sausage, cheddar cheese
  • Roasted green chile, cheddar, pepper jack or Monterey jack

Quesadillas are delicious for breakfast, too! Try Denver Omelet Breakfast Quesadillas for an easy high-protein breakfast before school or on lazy weekends.

Easy Cheese Quesadillas

Photo of Easy Cheese Quesadillas
  • 2 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • 7 minutes
  • 4 servings


8 flour tortillas
4 teaspoons butter
3 cups shredded cheese: cheddar, monterey jack, pepper jack, fontina, swiss or mozzarella
1 1/2 - 2 cups optional fillings


  1. Preheat a large non-stick skillet to medium-high heat. Lightly butter a single side of one tortilla with about 1/2 a teaspoon of butter and place it in the hot pan. Sprinkle 3 tablespoons of cheese, 1/4 cup of your favorite filling, and an additional 2-3 tablespoons of cheese on just one half of the open tortilla. Fold the tortilla over on itself and let it cook for 2-3 minutes.
  2. When the cheese has begun to melt and the bottom tortilla is browning slightly, flip the folded quesadilla over to cook the other side. Continue to cook until all the cheese is melted and the tortilla is crisp around the edges.
  3. Using a spatula, transfer the quesadilla back to a cutting board and cut into wedges while it is hot and serve warm. Repeat as desired. Enjoy!


  1. So informative!!! Been making quesadillas for years, but love the trick of hanging half off griddle, fill, fold, flip! I usually smear the filling side with a good sour cream before filling. Thank you for posting.

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