Where to Buy Ohio Cheese for the Holidays

No matter how small your holiday celebrations may be this year, you don’t have to give up that special thing that makes this time of year truly magical – cheese!

Ohio cheesemakers have got you covered, offering elegant centerpieces of cheese to make even intimate events extraordinary. With a quick visit to a cheesemaker in your area, it’s easy to add familiarity and elegance to any occasion.

Old Brooklyn Cheese

Old Brooklyn Cheese is proud to be part of Cleveland, Ohio’s largest neighborhood. The shop offers the best local and domestic specialty cheeses, all cut-to-order, as well as customized cheese and charcuterie boards and mustards, available for local delivery.

Rowdy Cow Creamery

Rowdy Cow Creamery is a small farmstead creamery, where delicious whole milk is bottled steps from where the cows are milked. The creamery offers traditional farmhouse, fromage blanc and bloomy-rind cheese, perfect for cheese boards, which can all be purchased through the Market Wagon online famers market.

Urban Stead Cheese

Urban Stead Cheese is an urban cheese company located in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio. With a passion for the artistry, community, and delicious pairings associated with delightful, delectable cheese, Urban Stead offers beautiful cheese boards and charcuterie, as well as an excellent wine selection, available for curbside pickup.

Young’s Jersey Dairy

Young’s Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs, Ohio produces farmstead cheese using milk from its herd of Jersey cows. Young’s offers a wide variety of dairy products and cheese in its store, including its best-selling fresh Cheddar curds. Select products are available for online ordering and pickup, as well as some items from its full-service restaurant menu.

Hungry for more? Visit a cheese shop near you! These shops carry exclusively Ohio-made cheese and have cheese experts on-site that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Ohio-made cheese also makes the perfect gift for family members near and far! Check out these cheesemakers that offer specialty cheeses available for online purchase and delivery

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