The Topp Family

Dairy Farmers from Botkins, Ohio

Eric Topp is a fourth-generation dairy farmer from Shelby County. Together with his wife Mary and family, they milk 40 dairy cows at Topp-View Farms. The Topps care for all seven breeds of dairy cattle while striving to produce high quality milk.

What does dairy farming mean to your family?

Eric: Dairy farming means dedication, hard work, and responsibility. It instills all the characteristics that you need to be successful in life.

Mary: It’s about doing what we love with our family. Dairy farming started in our family many years ago, and for us, it’s all about carrying on the tradition. Our goal is to provide the community with nutritious milk and share our story with others.

The Topp family milks all seven breeds of dairy cows. Why?

Eric: We have all seven breeds of dairy cows because each one brings something unique to the table. My favorite cows are Holsteins, but it really depends on the day. I like that they produce a lot of milk. We raise Brown Swiss for their milk composition as well as their longevity. My oldest daughter Madelyn, who works for the American Dairy Association Mideast, introduced the most recent breed, Ayrshire to our farm. Having all breeds of cows gives us the opportunity to compete in a variety shows and exhibitions across the country, which we love to do.

Are your cows on pasture year round?

No, they are not on pasture all year round ─ we cater to our cows’ needs. The cows are let out to pasture depending on the weather. If it is under 40 degrees or over 75 degrees, the cows are put inside the barn with soft, dry and comfortable bedding. If it is hot, there are fans inside the barn to keep the cows cool. While in the barn, the cows have access to fresh water and hay.

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