The Steiner Family

Dairy farmers from Creston, Ohio

Seventh generation dairy farmer Kurt Steiner works with his Uncle John and son Christian to care for 600 Holsteins and 1,000 acres of cropland at Steinhurst Dairy. This multi-generational farm family is proud of the care they provide to their cows to produce fresh, real dairy foods.

Being a dairy farmer, what do you take the most pride in?

Kurt: We take pride in the fact that we are part of a good farming community. We try to do our part to be good neighbors and good stewards to the land. We realize that God gave it to us for a reason and we are just trying to take good care of it during our time here on Earth.


Hear the Steiner family discuss their dedication to their animals, family and farm.

How do you make sure your cows are well taken care of?

Kurt: Every dairy farmer works to care for all of their animals the best they can. Best management practices like using sand bedding, sprinkler systems and fans in the summertime will keep cows cool and happy. As long as you keep them happy and healthy, they’ll produce a good product.

What’s it like farming with your family every day?

Christian: I enjoy it, it’s fun. We have a really good connection and communicate very well with each other. I always knew I enjoyed farming and after I graduated from Ohio State ATI with a degree in dairy management I came back to the farm. You get to be outside, work with the cows and the people you love, so why not do it if you can.

What is your vision for the future of the farm?

Christian: My goal would be that the farm doesn’t go out under my leadership. I would love to keep passing it down to my children and their children, if they’re interested. My dad came back to the farm in 1994 when we were milking 100-150 cows, and now we’ve grown to 600 cows. I would love to see our farm continue to grow.

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