The Indoe Family

Dairy farmers from Lodi, Ohio

Brothers Bill and Tom Indoe are fourth generation dairy farmers from Medina County, Ohio. They care for 75 registered Holstein, Jersey and Brown Swiss cows and farm 700 acres of crops. Richman Farms have won numerous awards for their outstanding genetics and high-quality milk.

Why do you perform herd checks?

Bill: We perform herd checks bi-monthly on our farm in consultation with our veterinarian. During the herd check, we examine the individual cows for pregnancies, to make sure they’re eating right, and to check whether they have a temperature. In addition, we also examine foot health to ensure there is no redness or swelling that could be adding stress to the cows.


Listen to Dick and Bill describe how their barn keeps their cows cool and comfortable.

What is the milking process?

Bill: We built our double-sided, three-opening parlor four years ago with cow comfort top of mind. The parlor is equipped with rubber and heated flooring, so the cows have a soft, warm floor when they enter. Inside the parlor, the cows have their own individual stalls and grain to eat while they are milked.

Once positioned, a pre-dip is applied to the cow’s teats to kill any bacteria and dirt. Next, a clean cloth is used to wash the cow. As an extra precaution, milk is squirted to ensure that all dirt has been thoroughly washed away. The milker, with a soft rubber liner, is then attached one at a time. The milk comes out at the bottom and goes into the lower line to be pumped into the main milk house through a filter and to the cooler to be stored.

How does it feel to work with your two sons?

Dick: It means a lot. I welcomed my two sons, Bill and Tom, into the operation in the 1980s. We come from a family of farmers. My grandfather was a dairyman back in the 1920s, then my dad got into the dairy business, and it’s continued ever since. We’re now coming up on the fifth generation on the farm, which gives you a good feeling. We’re proud to be farmers and we’re always striving to improve.

Indoes look at their cows

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