The Broering Family

Dairy farmers from Maria Stein, Ohio

Roger Broering is a fourth generation dairy farmer from Mercer County, Ohio. Together with his wife Beth and their four children, they care for 240 Holstein cows and farm 750 acres, all while balancing school and community activities.

How did you and your family get into dairy farming?

Roger: Beth and I both grew up on dairy farms, so you could say we were born into dairy farming. I’ve always liked being outdoors and working with cattle so in 2000 after Beth and I got married, we purchased our own farm and milked about 50 cows at that time. Since then, we have grown the farm internally and recently added a new freestall barn to accommodate our 240 Holstein cows.


Hear Ohio dairy farmer’s daughter Kelsey Broering share why she loves helping on her family’s dairy farm.

How are your children involved on the farm?

Roger: Kelsey, Aaron, Lucas and Jenna all enjoy different aspects of the farm, but I think it is important they get to help with everything instead of only learning one part of the farm. Right now, Kelsey and Jenna like to work with the cows and Aaron and Lucas prefer the tractors and field work, but that could always change.

How does your family balance work on the farm with other activities?

Roger: The kids pitch in before and after school when possible, so we all work together as a family to get the work done. We think it is important for our kids to be involved in other things off the farm too. We enjoy watching Kelsey run cross country and track, and helping all the kids with their 4-H projects. Although it can be challenging to do it all, we know the kids are learning a strong work ethic that will help them with everything they do.

kelsey and roger walking through the free stall barn

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