Ohio Cheese

Discover all that Ohio cheesemakers have to offer and find a cheesemaker near you.
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Cottage Cheese Toast

This healthy, filling and savory toast featuring sliced avocado, fresh tomatoes, and hot honey can be assembled in 10 minutes or less!

Ways Farmers Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Caring for the environment is a top priority for dairy farmers.

Cheesy Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet

Ground turkey and veggies baked in cheese until warm and bubbly.

No Fuss Wine & Cheese Pairings

Use this handy guide to pair easy-to-find cheeses with the perfect wine.

Meet the Imbodens

The Imboden family works with experienced employees to keep their cows healthy and comfortable.

We’re the American Dairy Association Mideast

Your source for all things dairy from farm to fridge!

We work on behalf of Ohio and West Virginia dairy farmers to share their stories, bring you science-based information and feature delicious dairy recipes.


Virtual Free Stall Barn

Compatible with Windows, this virtual free stall barn shows how dairy farmers care for their cows.

Smoothie School Kit

Large-batch recipes that meet USDA meal requirements and complementary countertop signs.

Protecting the Environment

U.S. dairy is working to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050.

9 Ways Yogurt Can Help Your Body

Discover the essential nutrients one serving of yogurt provides.
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