Super Bowl Recipe Playbook

Super Bowl Recipe Playbook

by Jenny Hubble

Delicious dairy foods are an essential part of a solid game plan for Super Bowl gatherings. You score a touchdown AND a field goal every time you eat dairy; each 8 ounce serving delivers nine essential nutrients!

Take possession of the Super Bowl party. With this championship team of 11 dishes, you’ll be ready for kick-off. Here’s the strategy:

  1. Form an offensive line of five hearty appetizers. Ohio leads the nation in producing Swiss cheese, so White Wine Swiss Fondue is number one. Reuben Dip and Sloppy Joe Dip may be slow cooked, but they are fast favorites, consistently delivering calcium, vitamin D and potassium. After a quick warm up, the Hot Bruschetta Dip is sizzling with gooey cheese; the second greatest source of dietary calcium for Americans. Cheesy Mushroom Puff Pastry Bites will get the audience popping.
  2. Add lighter players that will keep guests running back for more. The Greek yogurt in Avocado Bean Dip packs in the protein without added calories. Just pair Greek Yogurt Tzatziki Dip with pita and veggies, and it’s game on.
  3. Toss in creative munchies that will be wide receivers of compliments. The crowd will go nuts for Lemon Aioli Chicken Salad with Pistachios, and Cranberry Cheddar Salmon Sliders is the next fan favorite, especially among lactose-intolerant guests.
  4. Make room on the tight table for a snack that always ends up a crowd-pleaser. An estimated 11 million slices of pizza will be consumed during the Super Bowl, but wave goodbye to extra calories with Pizza Pinwheels, fueled by yogurt and lowfat cheese. They’re versatile and well-received by all taste buds.
  5. Quarterback with a main dish you can count on. Monte Cristo Lasagna is worthy of the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Take a page out of this game plan after the Big Game too: Enjoy 3 servings of dairy each day to earn a high nutritional score.

Jenny Hubble

Jenny is the Senior Vice President of Communications for the American Dairy Association Mideast. Although Jenny’s roots are in agriculture, she now considers herself a city dweller. In her free time, Jenny enjoys cooking, running, dabbling in photography and playing with her dog!

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