MOOvelous Activities for Families

Check out some of our activities to help enhance virtual learning while enjoying time with your family.

Keep Learning

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean the learning has to stop! These educational tools can help kids exercise their brains and learn more about dairy.

Watch This

There’s a lot you and your kids probably don’t know about dairy farming and foods. We have a few videos to entertain and teach you.

Take a Virtual Field Trip

Take a virtual tour of an Ohio dairy farm from the comfort of your home. You can also visit Ohio and West Virginia dairy farms through our videos and learn why farmers love what they do.

Get Artsy

Kids can exercise their creativity with these dairy-inspired coloring pages – we’ve even got one for adults! Color alongside your child for a fun bonding experience they’ll never forget.

Cook With Kids

Get hands on with your kids in the kitchen! Here are a few kid-friendly recipes that kids will love to help create and devour.

Make Your Own Dairy Foods

You can teach your kids how your favorite dairy foods are made, right in your own kitchen. We’ve got lessons to guide you through making homemade butter, mozzarella and ricotta. Shake up some homemade ice cream, try six different types of easy hot cocoa or if you’re feeling extra creative, try our herb-infused butter recipes!

Have Some Fun

Encourage exercise and creative play with these fun activities that will get your kids moo-ving and having a blast!

  • MOOga Yoga Poses: yoga poses to get students energized and moo-ving – and more focused on learning
  • Milk Mustache Recipe: got milk? take a selfie wearing the famous milk mustache
  • CJ Uzomah Cut-out: just like a “Flat Stanley,” print and cut out our favorite Bengals player and send him with a letter to a friend

For more information, activities and videos about dairy farming and foods, visit our resource library.


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