Milk Builds Champions! A U.S. Olympic Athlete Explains

by Jenny Hubble

2016 U.S. Olympian, Track & Field, and Ohio native Emily Infeld knows that milk gives her the fuel she needs to power through tough workouts. Now this Milk Life Ambassador is spreading the word to younger athletes, promoting good nutrition as an essential part of athletic performance.

“I definitely think that milk builds champions,” said Infeld. “Protein is a big component for athletes both pre and post workout, and I’m getting 8 grams of natural protein with each glass of milk. Calcium and vitamin D are also really important for women who run because it promotes bone health and prevents injuries like stress fractures.”

Infeld recently met with high school runner, Kelsey Broering, to give her some pointers on her journey to becoming an elite runner. Broering helps her dad milk about 250 cows every morning on their family’s dairy farm in Maria Stein, Ohio, and after talking to Infeld, she has a better understanding of how important the milk they provide is to athletes.

“I grew up drinking milk with all of my meals, but I never really thought about what it means to me as a runner,” said Broering. “Knowing that Emily drinks milk as part of her daily routine makes me feel like I’m doing the right thing for my body. And hearing how hard she works as a U.S. Olympian to reach her goals inspires me to push myself.”

Infeld is a member of “Team Milk,” a growing list of athletes who are fueled by milk on their journeys to compete on the world’s largest stage: The Olympic and Paralympic Games. Emily competed in the women’s 10,000 meter race in the Olympic Games Rio 2016 and continues to push herself toward the next steps in her running career.

Jenny Hubble

Jenny is the Senior Vice President of Communications for the American Dairy Association Mideast. Although Jenny’s roots are in agriculture, she now considers herself a city dweller. In her free time, Jenny enjoys cooking, running, dabbling in photography and playing with her dog!

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