Meet 3 Green Dairy Farmers

by Jenny Hubble

Dairy farmers were recycling before it was cool and take good care of the land on which they live and work.

Ohio’s dairy farming families understand the importance of protecting our natural resources, and caring for the land, air and water is one of their top priorities.

Dairy farmers often work with experts to find new and innovative ways to reduce energy use, conserve water and develop renewable energy sources.

These three farm families were previously recognized for their environmental stewardship practices. Get to know them:

Meet the Miedemas, a dairy farming family of five from Circleville, Ohio. Manure from their cows is used as a fertilizer for their neighbors’ corn crop!
the miedmas

Meet Lou Brown, a dairy farmer from New Bremen, Ohio, who takes many steps to protect and preserve the land, air and water, including planting wide areas of grasses along waterways, maintaining wetlands and planting cover crops.
lou brown

Meet Chris Weaver, a sixth generation dairy farmer from Montpelier, Ohio. Chris has a manure digester on his farm, which converts the energy stored in manure into methane, which is used to produce electricity.
chris weaver

Jenny Hubble

Jenny is the Senior Vice President of Communications for the American Dairy Association Mideast. Although Jenny’s roots are in agriculture, she now considers herself a city dweller. In her free time, Jenny enjoys cooking, running, dabbling in photography and playing with her dog!

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