Water Quality & Usage

Dairy farmers use water responsibly and are continuously looking for new ways to conserve water.

Do dairy farmers care about water quality?

Absolutely. Dairy farmers live on or near the land that they farm and their families drink the same water. Therefore, they have a vested interest in making sure the water is clean and of the highest quality.

How do dairy farmers protect nearby streams, rivers and lakes?

One way dairy farmers protect nearby streams, rivers and lakes is by planting buffer strips of thick heavy grasses and plants on crop fields to prevent manure runoff. Dairy farmers may also install catch basins to keep manure out of streams and the water supply. In addition, state and local government agencies regularly inspect and test the water on dairy farms.

How do dairy farmers conserve water?

Dairy farmers continually look for innovative ways to protect and conserve the water supply. They often partner with government agencies and university experts to develop better management practices and adopt the latest technologies.