Coffee Cheat Sheet

We all know the difference between regular and decaf coffee, but can you decode the different coffee specialty drinks? Of course, my favorites are the ones made with milk because its nine essential nutrients help power me through even my busiest days.

Read on to see which creamy shot of caffeine you should try today!


This popular favorite is equal parts Espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk. Variations include a Dry Cappuccino has more foamed milk and a Wet Cappuccino has more steamed milk.


Just a dollop of foamed milk adorns the top of a shot of Espresso (or two) to create a delectable Macchiato.


Latte’s are mostly steamed milk, espresso and a little bit of foamed milk. Another version is a Flat Latte which has no foamed milk.


This sweet treat made with espresso, steamed milk and chocolate syrup is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Café Au Lait

If you prefer brewed coffee over espresso, then this is the drink for you! Traditional cold milk is replaced with warm steamed milk to create a cozy beverage.

Con Panne

A Con Panne is simply a shot of Espresso topped with a generous heap of whipped cream.


This small shot of caffeine does not contain milk and is typically the base in specialty coffee drinks made by a barista near you.

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