Christmas on Our Dairy Farm

by Brenda Hastings

Cows are the top priority at our farm. Their needs are met first and Christmas day is no exception. On December 25th, it’s business as usual. I grew up in a dairy family, so learned at an early age the commitment necessary to operate a dairy farm.

Our farm operates 365 days each year. The animals are fed, milked and cared for daily. Cows need to be fed, newborn calves need special attention, sick cows require treatment, bedding needs to be replaced and barns must be cleaned.

The cows aren’t concerned if it’s a holiday or bad weather, they expect and receive the same care every day of the year.

We appreciate the staff at our farm who are dedicated to caring for animals every day, even during the holidays. And to the service providers who pick up milk, deliver feed, come to fix equipment and deliver products regardless of the date on the calendar or weather conditions.

In honor of the holidays my son, Garrett, wrote this dairy version of Jingle Bells:

Dashing through the mud
In a tractor feeding cows
Through the barns we go
Mooing all the way
Cows eating the feed
Making farmers smile
What fun it is to be on a farm on Christmas night

Milking cows
Milking cows
Milking all the day
Oh what fun it is to be in the milking parlor all day!

Day or two ago
I took a tractor ride
And soon I saw a cow
Calving in the barn
The calf was big and white
We got it up to walk
Then she went into her hutch
And was happy as could be

Milking cows
Milking cows
Milking all the day
Oh what fun it is to be in the milking parlor all day!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
hasting family


Guest Blogger

Brenda Hastings

Brenda Hastings, and her husband Lad, are 3rd generation farmers who dairy in Burton, Ohio. They have two sons, Garrett and Jack. To learn more about the Hastings Family, visit the Hastings Dairy website or The Dairy Mom blog.


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  2. Debbi Rutt | | Reply

    I love yalls jingle bell version. As a teen we had a small dairy in southern Ohio ,so I can relate . Now that I’m older in my 50’s my dad has been gone for nearly 15 years and I’ve also lost a brother a few years ago , my point is looking back some of the best times of my life were around the milk barn. MERRY CHRISTMAS to y’all and God bless your family and keep up the good work.

  3. Marcelle | | Reply


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