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A Tribute to the Guernsey Cow

by Kirsten Plocher

The following excerpt is from 16-year-old Kirsten Plocher, who was recently crowned the 2016 Ohio Guernsey Queen, describing why she wanted to serve as a youth ambassador for the dairy community.

I stood out from all of them as we colored our picture. I carefully chose the colors fawn and white for my cow, rather than the typical black and white.

“Why do you always color your cows that color? Be normal like the rest of us! Here you can use my black colored pencil,” a young boy shouted. I pushed away the offer and started on the green grass in my picture.

I decided I would bite my tongue because the children around me didn’t understand. They didn’t see what I did.

They didn’t know or care that there are different breeds of dairy cows.

They had never breathed the spring air while watching the golden breed, graze around the pasture, swatting flies and batting their insanely long eyelashes. The children around me had never sat in a bed of straw and told all of their secrets to a golden calf. Never had they learned the personality of the animal I had grown to love.

kirsten with cows

The children around me had never sat in my dad’s truck and listened to his stories that boomed with a sense of pride and passion for the gentle giants. The cows had never taught them lessons of humility and patience.

Plocher Family

I am constantly reminded of the greatness the Guernsey breed has blessed us with, and I didn’t want to be the only one to recognize it.

So I opened my mouth and told the boy, “It’s a Guernsey cow!”

Kirsten With Cows

As the 2016 Ohio Guernsey Queen, I plan to tell even more people about the great Guernsey cows we are blessed to work with. I want children around me to know and share the love that I have for the breed, along with the people and experiences that come with it.

I plan to represent our dairy community with class and poise while demonstrating toughness and grit, just as golden Guernsey cows do.


Guest Blogger

Kirsten Plocher

Even though the 2016 Ohio Guernsey Queen, Kirsten Plocher, didn’t grow up on a farm, she fell in love with dairy cows at an early age thanks to the encouragement of her dad and dairy farming neighbors. When she’s not busy helping around at the barn, Kirsten spends her time participating in cross country, basketball and track. She is also a high school class officer, and an active member of FFA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Ruriteens, and the yearbook staff.

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  1. Beverly Hunker Martin | | Reply

    Congratulations on being the Ohio Gurnsey Queen. It is quite an honor to be very proud of. I showed them at the State Fair some 50 years ago and my son’s 30 years ago. Now the Gurnsey are gone and I miss them. I will always rember showing with John and Bonnie Ayers.. Be proud and hold your head up high .

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