6 Cows That Are Too Cute To Ignore

by Erin Williams

Cows can be very nosy, and for good reason – they have almost 360 panoramic vision so they see just about everything.
nosey heifer

This little beauty wears ear tags in her ears to help farmers identify her and keep accurate records. They’re also stylish too!
holstein heifer with ear tags

Dairy cows don’t mind the cold! In fact, the ideal temperature outside for a cow is 25°F-50°F
guernseys in winter

Although this Holstein cow weighs almost 1,500 lbs., she still loves to give kisses!
cow kisses

This Brown Swiss calf has quite the toothy grin! Did you know that dairy cows and calves don’t have top teeth?
smiling brown swiss calf

But the cutest cow and calf of all? The butter cow and calf! Visit them at the Ohio State Fair in the Dairy Products Building.
butter cow and calf

Erin Williams

Erin is the Communication Manager for the American Dairy Association Mideast. A recent graduate from The Ohio State University, Erin enjoys spending her free time at home helping out on her family’s dairy farm. She also enjoys exhibiting her Jersey cows at state and national levels.

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