5 Things To Know About Cow Care

by Erin Williams

  • Dairy farmers have some of the most cutting-edge technology available. Some dairy farmers use robots to milk their cows. Sounds cool right? But it gets better — some also have robots that push fresh feed to the cows, spinning brushes for them to scratch on and even pedometers to help farmers monitor their health.
  • A dairy cow’s ideal temperature is between 25°F – 50°F. To maintain this temperature, most farmers have climate controlled barns. Fans and sprinklers kick on when it’s too hot to provide a cooling mist in the summer, and curtains can be drawn down to block the wind and cold in the winter. Learn how farmers keep their cows warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Cows have their own special care entourage. Every dairy farmer works with a nutritionist and veterinarian to ensure that their cows are provided with the best possible care. Cows really are the superstars of a dairy farm, so keeping them happy and healthy is the secret to success.
  • Dairy cows get pedicures. However, they tend to shy away from your typical acrylic nails with french tips or gel polish and instead go for a nice trim and cuticle cut. In all reality, hoof trimmers are trained experts at trimming cow’s hooves, or toenails, in order to maintain comfort at all times. They are also trained to detect and prevent disease and work closely with other members of the cow care entourage.
  • Some cows sleep on waterbeds. I don’t even have a waterbed! Dairy farmers are committed to keeping their cows comfortable. Some of their bedding options include waterbeds, mattresses, straw and even sand — I bet that’s like being at the beach every day!


Erin Williams

Erin is the Communication Manager for the American Dairy Association Mideast. A recent graduate from The Ohio State University, Erin enjoys spending her free time at home helping out on her family’s dairy farm. She also enjoys exhibiting her Jersey cows at state and national levels.

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