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4 Legen-DAIRY Memes

by Brianna Gwirtz

Check out these dairy funny memes that are sure to aMOOse all of your friends!Snooze button

Did you know that dairy cows spend 12-14 hours a day resting? That’s more than half of their day. The rest of the day is spent eating, socializing, and doing other activities such as receiving vet care or being milked.

Itch You cant scratch

Cow comfort is a top priority for dairy farmers. In fact, some dairy farmers have back scratchers in their barns so cows can always reach that itch! Other ways farmers keep their cows comfortable is by providing soft, clean bedding and maintaining a climate-controlled barns.

Something on my face

“Is there something on my face?” Dairy calves are fed milk or milk replacer (think baby formula) until they’re about 2 months old. Then they switch to hard foods like grain, hay, and water. Calves are picky just like most children, so most calf grain is coated in molasses to make it sweeter and taste better.


Say cheese! Or milk, or any other awesome dairy food!

Guest Blogger

Brianna Gwirtz

Brianna was the 2017 Communications Intern for the American Dairy Association Mideast. Brianna enjoys helping on her family's grain farm, learning photography and playing with her Rottweiler.

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