5 Foods You Should Be Making with Milk

by Tracy Enslen

Do you suffer from dry cakes, bland soups and runny oatmeal? Fix all of these problems quickly and easily by just adding milk! Check out these 5 foods you should be making with milk:

  1. Baking mixes – take your boxed cake mix to the next level by replacing water with milk to give it a homemade taste! The milk adds moisture, flavor and a full serving of dairy to make your guilty pleasure a little less guilty.
  2. Oatmeal – Skip the water and make your oatmeal with milk for a creamier, dreamier breakfast that’s high in calcium. To get the amount of calcium in an 8 ounce glass of milk you’d have to eat 5 oranges or 6 slices of whole wheat bread!
  3. Smoothies – all smoothies are made with at least one liquid, so why not make yours with milk? Every splash of milk has nine essential nutrients, including 8 grams of protein. Try this Mango Ginger Power Smoothie by Eat2Gather made with milk!
  4. Hot Chocolate – get a full serving of dairy by making your hot chocolate with milk instead of water! The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends eating 3 servings of dairy a day to improve your overall diet, get more nutrients and improve bone health.
  5. Soup – ditch the water and add milk to condensed soups for a fresh, filing taste that’s nutrient-rich! Milk travels from Ohio and West Virginia dairy farms to your table in just 48 hours, making it a fresh source of high-quality protein.

Tracy Enslen

Tracy is the Vice President of Marketing for the American Dairy Association Mideast. Being married to a Chef and having experience in all aspects of food service, Tracy has a passion for food and where it comes from. She enjoys ATV riding, kayaking and spending time on her hobby farm.

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